Costume Construction

Costumes patterned and/or built by Laurel.

The Madwomen of Chaillot
Laurel designed, patterned and built the four madwomen from The Madwoman of Chaillot.
Gabrielle's dress was draped on the form. The dress, collar and bonnet were extrapolated from 1830's fashions.
This ensemble was made by patterning new items and also modifying existing items from stock. The panniers understructures were created by a student, Rosalie Olson. This look was inspired by 1770's court dress with Medieval influences.
The Madwoman, Aurelia
Aurelia's skirt and bodice were constructed by modifying a commercial pattern. Her look was designed after 1880's fashion with anachronistic details.
Josephine's 1920's inspired cocoon coat was draped on the form. The skirt was made by modifying a commercial pattern.
Cecily's dress from The Importance of Being Earnest was made through a combination of draping and flat patterning.
Detail of Cecily
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